Executive Search

Wertes is your boutique retained executive search partner.

Our Executive Search services are tailor-made to identify and attract the ideal talented professionals to your organization. With over two decades of experience, we lead highly demanding and customized executive search assignments for leading multinational companies primarily in the Consumer Goods (FMCG), Industrial, and Healthcare sectors to Start Up businesses. We support clients in filling positions ranging from C-Suite, Senior Director levels to middle management roles with national and international responsibilities, both at Local, European/ EMEA or Global scope.

A great leader will transform your organization. Yet recruiting and attracting the right one is never easy. That's why you need an independent executive search strategy.


At Wertes, we care about you and the future of your organization. We take on a limited number of projects and treat each one with the utmost seriousness. Our methodology involves in-depth analysis; it's not just about filling a position. We take a comprehensive approach where we analyze its impact on the organization, team dynamics, cultural fit, and the candidate's future development.

When you choose Wertes, you work closely with the same Partner from the briefing until the conclusion of the assignment. The Partner will lead and manage the search process, providing you with a constant point of contact and keeping track of all relevant information and updates.

We don't see our work as simply completing an assignment; it's about creating new career and life opportunities for candidates and fostering sustainable matches for our clients. We bridge the gap between candidate needs and desires and client requirements to ensure we don't miss out on the right talent.

We exclusively work with one client per industry segment at a time. This ensures that we can fully focus on meeting your unique needs and eliminates potential conflicts of interest.

Wertes places the highest priority on maintaining confidentiality throughout the entire process. Your sensitive information, strategies, and executive search efforts are handled with the utmost discretion and security. Your trust is our priority.

We believe in open and honest communication with our clients and candidates. Wertes is committed to providing a clear view of the process, market analysis, and candidates. Trust is built through transparency, ensuring you have the necessary information to make informed decisions.

Wertes offers a global perspective, recognizing that talent knows no borders. Our reach extends internationally to connect you with the right candidates, regardless of location.


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We invest a significant amount of time in comprehending your organization, evaluating the alignment of the position and its potential impact, as well as understanding your organizational structure and culture. We act as your thinking partner during the search process and beyond.

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We initiate every search assignment with a thorough market analysis, identifying top talent and exploring the market to meet your specific needs. Our aim is to ensure that we are heading in the right direction by conducting a deep analysis of candidates' careers and ensuring a suitable match for both parties.

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We pro-actively offer invaluable insights into prevailing market conditions for each assignment and provide guidance. We make sure everyone feels comfortable with the final decision, and clients have the necessary information to drive strategic choices confidently.

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We know how to attract highly talented executives. Nowadays, they are constantly offered new projects and positions. We are aware that to bring them on board, you need a smart, serious, and senior approach that can rapidly assess their current situation and potential match to leverage attraction.



• Co- design the job description.

• Gather information about the client's organization, culture, and the role's impact.

• Provide advice on project timelines and potential milestones.


• Analyze and define the search strategy.

• Identify target companies for the assignment

• Approach key leads to offer the best options.


• Identify objective candidates for the position.

• Create a long list of candidates for the role.

• Evaluate professional backgrounds and assessmatch.

• Follow upmeeting with client.


• Conduct personalinterviews with candidates.

• Prepare a shortlist of candidates for presentation to the client.

• Create candidate reports.


• Present the shortlist of candidates.

• Coordinateinterviews with client's stakeholders (assist in designing interviewprocess)

• Reference check final candidate.


• Assist client in presenting the offer tofinal candidate.

• Monitor the candidate's acceptance

• Follow up performance and ensure client satisfaction.